Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm Sandy Effects Menominee Lighthouse

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 Taken Oct. 30, 2012 at the Menominee Pier Lighthouse during very high winds from Storm Sandy that hit the east coast.

The Menominee North Pier lighthouse is located in the harbor of Menominee, Michigan. The station was established in 1877. The current structure and its still operational light was first lit in 1927, and automated in 1972. It is also sometimes called the "Menominee (Marinette) North Pierhead Light". The foundation is a concrete pier. The 34-foot (10 m) tall octagonal cast iron building is marked in a distinctive red, with a black lantern and white base. A Fourth Order Fresnel lens was originally installed, but was replaced with a modern 300 mm. acrylic optic lens.
The original lens is now at Sand Point Light in Escanaba, Michigan. The focal plane is 46 feet.
The building originally had a diaphone fog signal structure attached, and it was later removed. The iron catwalk was removed in 1972 when the light was automated.